date: May 2018
role: Collaborator

An open-source package that aims to ease the development process while working with Salesforce DX.

Automation - This toolkit helps you automate such tasks as 'watch' for changes, compile 'scss', and 'deploy' your code to Salesforce DX enabled org.

IDE-agnostic - Use it with any IDE of choice as long as you have sfdx-cli´╗┐ installed.

Zero-configuration - All underlying tasks are bundled in a single watch command. Every transformation task is optional.

Helping you focus on what's important.


Adding the only thing that Salesforce DX is missing - a simple automated workflow. 

I have just recently made a switch to Salesforce DX on one of my projects. Moreover, what struck me the most is a complete lack of any 'watch' functionality in the base CLI version. So without further ado, I wrote a simple CLI plugin that does exactly what the title states.

Automation tasks are based on Gulp toolkit, what allows rapid development, quick feature prototyping, and ease of maintenance. Also as long as it's a CLI plugin, I am not that much concerned about the package size.

In addition to merely watching for changes, an up to date version of the plugin also supports SCSS compilation. I am currently considering Babel integration as the next step in development.

You can find the full documentation here. Any collaboration is highly encouraged.

Selected Works

Sensor FocusFE Development, UI/UX

VentionReact, Motion Design

sfdx-watchSalesforce CLI Plugin